Consistent, personalised, digital commerce experiences are hard to deliver using a set of different solutions. SAP offers a single platform that provides excellent digital commerce experiences, increases productivity, and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO). TheSAP® Commerce Cloud solution addresses the unique requirements of your industry and all go-to-market business models.

SAP Commerce Cloud offers preconfigured integrations to core SAP software systems. This enables you to connect your customer-facing teams with your core business operations seamlessly to create genuinely exceptional customer engagement at any stage of your business processes. And SAP Commerce Cloud supports your business model, whether it is business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), or business to business to consumer (B2B2C).  SAP Commerce Cloud is consistently ranked as a leader in the commerce market by analysts and market experts.

Excel in customer experience with one commerce cloud platform

SAP Commerce Cloud helps you win customers for life by delivering radically different customer engagements. As a complete commerce solution, SAP Commerce Cloud includes product content management, experience management, personalisation, and order management. With this single platform, you can manage all your product content from one information repository, including all your Web content across channels through a single, intuitive interface. You get support for your B2C use cases as well as for your complex B2B omnichannel order fulfilment scenarios, including sourcing, consignment, complex orders, and delivery options.

SAP Commerce Cloud helps you to become an omnichannel business. It integrates all digital and physical customer touch points in one robust platform –covering online, mobile, point-of-sale, call centre, social media, and print channels. This empowers you to deliver exceptional, seamless customer experiences in any business, anywhere in the world.

SAP Commerce Cloud enhances personalized experiences while avoiding the cost and complexity that come with deploying multiple niche solutions.

Innovate and differentiate to grow your business

SAP Commerce Cloud lets you innovate by providing maximum flexibility. You may be an organisation that wants a commerce solution you can go live within a heartbeat. Or you may be a business that wants to innovate and adopt a solution to meet your specific needs and requirements. In either case, the SAP Commerce Cloud can be tailored to support your business strategy. For example, you can turn on the switch and use our commerce capabilities as delivered through our best-practice templates. Or you can take advantage of the full flexibility of our framework to tweak the solution and tailor it for your needs. You also benefit from a flexible microservices-based architecture for building innovative capabilities, extending the core commerce platform as needed to differentiate yourself from your competition. SAP Commerce Cloud doesn’t offer a traditional “me too” software-as-a-service solution. Instead, it enables you to choose the degree of differentiation that best fits your business needs.

Harness a commerce platform for any GTM business model

Different go-to-market (GTM) models usually require multiple commerce applications, which considerably increases complexity and cost. Only SAP can support any GTM business model with one commerce platform. With seamless support for B2C, B2B, and B2B2C business models, SAP Commerce Cloud eliminates complexity, reduces TCO, and increases business agility.

Also, SAP Commerce Cloud addresses the unique requirements of your specific industry. We deliver a commerce platform that includes preconfigured industry-specific capabilities to support retail, manufacturing, wholesale, telecommunications, travel, public services, and utility companies. And the solution can be easily adapted to meet the needs of any other industry.

With embedded support for industry best practices, you can accelerate your time to value and reduce TCO.

Use built-in integrations for commerce and core sap software

When looking at your complete system landscape, it is essential that your core business applications, for example, your ERP solutions, are integrated with your customer experience solutions. Only a robust connection between commerce software and core business applications will allow you to transform your business and create exceptional customer experiences.

You may be already using core SAP software, such as SAP S/4HANA® or the SAP ERP application, to run your business. However, when implementing a commerce platform, process gaps and unnecessary expense can result from performing custom integrations with core SAP software systems.

That’s why SAP Commerce Cloud includes built-in integrations to core SAP software, such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP, as well as to other customer-facing SAP solutions, including the SAP Marketing Cloud solution. These integrations can automate your business processes end to end without requiring you to invest any time or resources to build them yourself. This simplifies deployment and substantially reduces risk and TCO.

Onboard fast and simplify operations for a quick time to market

The cloud automation platform and infrastructure of SAP Commerce Cloud ensure that access is provisioned within 72 hours of contract execution. This lets you create and manage production, staging, and development environments on demand using intuitive self-service tools. You also have access to a deployment portal with a continuous delivery and integration pipeline.

SAP Commerce Cloud offers an array of tools, processes, and services to facilitate your success during your project and beyond. Environments are provisioned with built-in best-practice support for SAP Commerce Cloud. This includes automated quality, security, and compliance checks to keep quality high and deployment risk low.

Additionally, SAP Commerce Cloud has been optimised to use Docker software for containerisation and opensource Kubernetes cluster management for elastic scalability. As a result, the platform can auto-scale to meet both unexpected demands as well as planned peak times.

This reassures your organization of knowing that your digital storefront will be ready for your customers and visitors any time and from any location. SAP Commerce Cloud is managed and monitored 24×7, 365 days a year, by cloud experts from SAP. They proactively monitor your system and application for security attacks, performance degradation, and other unplanned adverse events. They are equipped to take proactive steps to minimise or eliminate downtime for your

SAP Commerce Cloud gives you full insight into your environments, your performance, and your relevant metrics and KPIs. And with SAP Commerce Cloud, you gain the support of a professional team that is always there to ensure your success.

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