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Rydalmere, Australia

Consumer products – household and commercial appliances

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Gas and electric storage, heat pump, and solar water heaters for domestic, commercial, and large-scale project applications

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SAP Service Cloud

Greater call center efficiency customer satisfaction

When it comes to hot water, Australia counts on Rheem Australia Pty. Ltd. to keep it warm. As the country’s largest supplier of water heaters, Rheem has been manufacturing in Australia for over 75 years, and the company remains at the forefront of innovation in all forms of water heating technology. So, when the peak
winter season arrives, it must be able to handle higher customer inquiry volumes, regardless of the communication channel.
The Rheem customer service team understood that fast and effective handling and management of customer inquires was important to increase customer satisfaction. This is why it worked with Bluleader to deploy the SAP Service Cloud solution. Now call center agents are more efficient, saving up to 15% on average calltime. And new data tracking has shown that customer satisfaction is higher than ever.


  • Relieve congestion caused by high call volumes during peak seasons
  • Respond promptly to every customer inquiry with useful advice that solves issues regardless of contact channel
  • Track outcomes – specifically what the customer inquiry was for and how it was resolved
  • Conduct net promoter scores (NPS) to track customer satisfaction

Why SAP solutions

  • Already an existing user of SAP software
  • Quick deployments to meet all customer requirements


  • Established a cross-functional team comprising Rheem’s CIO, CMO, call center manager, sales manager, and IT resources to examine the issues
  • Worked with Bluleader to deploy the SAP Service Cloud  solution in March of 2015, in time to go live for the coming peak winter period


  • Increase in the efficiency and productivity of call center staff
  • Deeper insight into customer needs and experience
  • Higher customer satisfaction

SAP Customer Experience

Staff and external team members using SAP Service Cloud 100%
Positive customer satisfaction scores for handling of calls and services provided, with NPS scores also high and increasing 90%
Time savings on calls by call center staff on average 15%
With SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, we have a deeper understanding of the type of work being referred to our agents and can compare service delivery, monitor whether referral to a particular agent was successful, and, if needed, move the job to another agent to assist the customer
Stephen Foley, Chief Information Officer, Rheem Australia Pty. Ltd.