Driving Revenue by Focusing on Data and Analytics

Marketing Automation allows companies to realise economies of scale that support demand generation and pipeline velocity. A successful implementation provides the equivalent of hundreds of additional marketing resources while its absence may place the organisation at significant competitive risk.

The SAP Marketing Automation solution is focused on data and analytics which drive the effectiveness of marketing campaigns rather than just efficiency. The SAP Marketing Cloud is the world’s leading enterprise solution containing over 45 modules from predictive analytics, campaign management, marketing planning, budgeting, and advanced geospatial segmentation. It has been designed from the ground up to support strategic decision making for better marketing outcomes supporting revenue and profit.

Often companies struggle to implement Marketing Automation and often turn to a third party for assistance. Unfortunately, many partners lack strategic knowledge and the technical capability for successful implementations. Bluleader a Gold SAP systems integration and consulting partner brings technical and strategic marketing expertise that delivers a powerful opportunity to transform businesses placing them at the forefront of innovation, driving increased revenue and sales.

A key challenge for many organisations is the management of the customer journey so that key touch points are optimised and deliver increased customer purchase propensity. These challenges are amplified by the inability of many competing solutions to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer. The lack of customer visibility is often exacerbated via multiple contact records that are the sum of a single contact. Some competing solutions use limited unique identifiers such as email address which prove to be a blunt tool when attempting to unify a person’s omnichannel experience.

A Single View of the Customer

SAP Hybris Marketing provides a dynamic solution that taps into hidden consumer behaviour trends combined with advanced analytics, enriched with machine learning via a sophisticated and advanced interface. This holistic view of the customer provides companies with a true competitive advantage and when combined with other SAP solutions places organisations in a formidable market position.

Once an organisation has brought together customer data, it now can develop sophisticated marketing campaigns that speak to the uniqueness of each person. This opportunity seems tangible although without a sophisticated method to identify the right people at the right time companies will struggle to prove a return on investment.

SAP Marketing Cloud brings true enterprise segmentation tools while combined with S4 Hana in-memory database allows for the inspection of millions of records, across thousands of attributes within milliseconds allowing for agility, speed to market and future scalability.

When considering a Marketing Automation solution, the user experience becomes critical to adoption and successful outcomes. Often automation tools are convoluted and difficult to apply to real-world marketing issues.

The SAP Marketing Automation campaign builder allows for the creation of on-demand and always on “listening” trigger campaigns via an easy to use graphical flow chart. In addition to EDM and SMS campaigns SAP Marketing Cloud leverages third-party networks such as AdWords and Facebook centralising success data providing management with a holistic view of the marketing strategy.

Focusing on The Customer Experience

The ability to effectively manage the customer experience has become pivotal to building sustainable relationships that consistently deliver exceptional customer value while contributing to top line revenue. SAP Marketing Cloud provides Marketing Executives with transparency around the customer journey allowing them to identify and optimise touchpoints. This touchpoint optimisation contributes towards a positive customer experience which delivers enhanced sentiment, loyalty and positive word of mouth.

Touchpoint optimisation often involves placing the right product in front of the right customer and has quickly delimitated successful commerce applications from underperformance. To Marketing Executives SAP Marketing Cloud delivers powerful product recommendations which utilise sophisticated algorithms and scenarios. This modelling when placed into the hands of marketing personnel providing them with the tools to build value, increase revenue and demonstrate return on investment.

Converting Leads and Increased Pipeline Velocity

In recent years B2B Marketers have taken greater responsibility for the sales funnel and demonstrated accountability towards lead generation and nurture. With the adoption of Marketing Automation organisations now have the tools to visualise pipeline velocity and subsequently which areas require focus.

Marketing automation, when combined with CRM such as SAP Cloud for Customer, provides a powerful sales enablement tool. As leads respond to automated marketing campaigns their buying intent is established via a quality scores which correlates to funnel stages such as marketing and sales qualified leads. As leads become sales qualified various sales prompts are automated such as scheduling appointments or calls. Additionally, lead interactions are stored on the customer golden record to be leveraged for future marketing initiatives.

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