Know what your customers will do

Machine learning (ML) brings you an expanded workforce. It can analyze data at speed and make predictions that guide the strategy of your human teams. Knowing what your customers will do is far more powerful than knowing what they have been doing. ML enables call-center systems that can tell the agent why a customer is calling – or even automatically direct the call to theagent most knowledgeable about the query.

SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Customer Experience offer a vital combination of power, trust and speed – essential in meeting the changing needs of today’s customersSAP Cloud Platform Only the SAP Cloud Platform offers unified data across front and back-office functions that enables AI/ML-assisted individualised experiences to be delivered at scale. That means across the value chain, with algorithms that define target audiences and determine the best offers and campaigns for each customer.

This allows salespeople to tailor their pitch to customer needs and focus their efforts on the opportunities that are most likely to close, making better use of their time and improving forecast accuracy. Sales professionals who deliver a better customer experience can build your brand – forging more profitable relationships

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