In a ground-breaking announcement at the recent Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, SAP unveiled a world first unified customer experience management suite called C/4 HANA. C/4 HANA brings together best of class solutions in CRM, Marketing Automation, eCommerce and Field Service Management

The new portfolio, called C/4HANA, is a complement of CRM solutions that is a clear cloud-first play, indicating a formal move by SAP into the world of software-as-a-service (SaaS). C/4HANA includes SAP Marketing, Commerce, Service and Customer Data and Sales clouds.  The SAP Sales Cloud unites Hybris Cloud for Customer, Hybris Revenue Cloud and Callidus Cloud.

The release of C/4HANA brings together customer data, machine learning technology and microservices to power real-time customer engagements –  it is built around the customer and their data, delivering a true unified 360-degree view of the customer.  Moreover, it acknowledges that storing and using that data is a privilege and should be done with integrity and the consent of the customer.

For Bluleader, this is very exciting news.

We have been delivering successful SAP Customer Experience programs throughout Australia for over 11 years and consequently have gained a strong market position as leaders within the CX space. This success has established Bluleader as an SAP Gold Services Partner and recognised thought leader.  Over many years our dedicated practices within the business have delivered large and complex SAP Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Service and Sales Cloud solutions across the country.

Put simply – C/4 HANA pulls all pillars of Bluleader’s service offering together into one cohesive and unified ecosystem.

Next Generation CRM

C/4HANA’s emergence is due to SAP’s belief that the time is right for fourth-generation CRM. After client-server, point solutions, and cloud-based CRM systems, it is time for a new intelligent era in Customer Experience. Today’s legacy systems are fatigued, and customers want choice.  It is no longer enough for companies to build strong relationships solely through great products and service – these factors now constitute the bare minimum expectations of today’s customer.

Speaking on stage at Sapphire, SAP CEO Bill McDermott spoke about how ‘legacy CRM and Marketing Automation is holding customers back from forming a single view of the customer’.

Enterprises are obsessing about customer experience.  Companies now want a 360 view of the customer and C/4HANA presents an unparalleled opportunity to ensure the entire supply chain is connected to the customer experience.  By aligning and integrating SAP’s core strength – supply chain and financials on top of an in-memory database – with CRM, the company aims to differentiate.

What next?

The new C/4 HANA solution encapsulates everything that we at Bluleader have worked towards delivering for over a decade – which focuses on building exceptional customer experiences. The C/4HANA portfolio presents Bluleader with the next generation of technology that will allow our customers shift from managing processes to establishing a sophisticated interconnected technology stack that unifies the enterprise front end and delivers exceptional customer experiences for revenue growth and profit.

As an SAP Gold Services Partner with a wealth of expertise delivering SAP Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and Customer Data Cloud solutions (C/4HANA) we are positioned and equipped to lead the charge in what we view as a customer experience revolution.

If you’d like to hear more about how C/4HANA can enhance your customer experience and what this may mean for your organisation, please get in touch