With our next round of exciting breakfast events in Sydney and Melbourne fast approaching, we sat down with Michelle Stewart – ‘General Manager – Marketing and Digital’ of Device Technologies, to hear more about their experience configuring and deploying new technologies and some key learnings from the journey.

About Device Technologies

Healthcare is about compassion and understanding, it’s about listening to your patients and customers when they need it most and going with them on the wellbeing journey. It was truly heart-warming when Michelle compared her experience in working with Bluleader to the standard of service they aim to give their own clients and patients.

Device Technologies is all about Pioneering Possibility®. From high-quality consumables to advanced theatre equipment and robotics, they are Australasia’s largest independent provider of high-grade medical solutions and technologies. Working in health science and medical tech, Device Technologies helps everyone from individual health care practitioners to large hospital groups. Michelle is passionate about their work and explained that people truly live better lives because of what they do.

Proof of Concept Store

The adoption of SAP Sales Cloud and Service Cloud MVP and the process of welcoming digital tech to underpin their business started with a proof of concept store to test the functionalities on employees. Bluleader implemented an eCommerce solution using SAP Commerce for internal staff to purchase offerings from Device Technologies group of companies. Michelle said the entire undertaking was focused on empowering Device Technologies to scale further and offer sustainability.

“One of the successes has been applying an agile approach. We got the product in market, proved the wins then went about getting greater investment for more and scaling as we go,” Michelle said.

“The employee experience leads to the customer experience. This pilot allowed everyone in the business to experience the difference we were trying to make and how that in turn impacts our customers.” Michelle Stewart Device Technologies

The project was successful in doubling monthly and yearly sales, enhancing staff engagement and providing valuable experience for the IT, Digital and Marketing teams. Following the pilot success, this highly manual and labour-intensive business is about to take the learnings and launch to their healthcare customers. Bluleader are currently supporting Device Technologies as they undertake these extensive, external facing projects and support the development of a B2B eCommerce and digital operations solution.  Michelle agrees that positive customer experiences provide the single greatest influence on revenue and profits.

“It’s all about bringing the three segments of the business together – technology, marketing and the foundations of the business itself. Where those circles overlap in the middle is where we get the innovation,” Michelle said.

“We were able to use the SAP commerce solution to build a really customer and employee friendly solution that could remove the risk, the multiple processes and give them time back in their day. It has really changed the mindset of the business – technology is there to underpin what we are trying to achieve.”

“Our business is about the customers, one of our core values we talk about is that what we do every day is about patients, not the paperwork. These technology investments allow us to focus on the patient as it removes the ardours and tasks that can limit that focus.”

Some of the lessons we can take away from this example were highlighted when Michelle explained the benefits found in using technology to empower staff, streamline process and use talent where it is best met. It is also evident that when implemented correctly, this approach can drive economical value and allow large organisations to achieve more with current resources and workforce.

“Device Technologies is about bringing innovative tech the fastest way possible and we definitely think we can affect the health outcomes of Australians by doing it – and this technology enables us to do that,” Michelle said.

Adopting New Technology

Although, as we all know, no large-scale project happens without at least some inherent pain points during the process. The key lies in having the experience and understanding necessary to circumnavigate and work through these as they arise. Device Technologies took the hurdles in their stride and learned some valuable lessons in the process.

“New technology takes time to adjust to, but tech can help us see that we might have some pain points in the process and it isn’t always the tech that fails.  But you need to take ownership of everything around it.”

“You need to take people on the journey.  We just wanted to do so much and had to remind ourselves to be a little patient.”

When looking at the business landscape of 2019, it is also vital to identify the importance of adopting new tech when taking into account industry perspectives and your reputation in the industry. The ongoing partnership with Bluleader has allowed Device Technologies to position themselves as an organisation which is ready to invest in their future and adapt.

“Our customers have realised that we are truly willing to make radical change and invest in the tech to benefit them.”

Although with many options in a competitive market it isn’t always easy to identify the best option and where to invest. One good approach is to reverse engineer organisational goals and look for a brand with credibility and a solution which can encompass your current needs and future growth. If you look at it like a relationship, you want one where you can scale and grow alongside each other.

“People would say the solution was too big for us. It’s an omnichannel experience and one of the only platforms that thinks wide scope, integration and omnichannel. We wanted something that will grow with us in the future and this allows us to scale.  It’s powerful enough to meet our needs now but can expand as we need it to.”

Working with Bluleader

It was humbling to hear Michelle refer to Bluleader as their ‘silent cheerleader’ and describe the positive experience in working together.

“Bluleader has a deep knowledge in the tech and have people that can come in and boost the skillset that you want to achieve. They buy into what you are doing. They are genuinely caring about the outcome and truly become a member of the team.”

“While Bluleader is an independent business, they genuinely come in with partnership and collaboration front of mind. They care about their customers like we care about ours and the level of expertise in the products has helped us to learn and grow, as we are now undertaking the next step of the journey together,” Michelle said.

There are plenty of lessons we can take away from the Device Technologies example. Michelle is set to share her key findings and some really practical and tangible takeaways to help other businesses succeed at our upcoming breakfast events!

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