“From our original contact with Bluleader, through personal meeting with needs analysis, extensive consultation, job definition and quotation, with system testing, startup and training, the process has been well managed by their professionals to the highest standard, 10/10!

Tim Moore RDU Board Member, IT

Rotary Down Under (RDU) publishes printed and digital versions of the Rotary Club Magazine and provides a platform for member subscription management to Rotary Clubs throughout Australia, New Zealand and other neighbouring territories.   The club required a tool to manage their internal members a via self-service portal

Bluleader was engaged to implement a suitable replacement to Rotary Down Under’s legacy self-service portal to provide a friendly user interface to club officials and members across multiple locations.


Rotary Down Under needed to replace their existing Subscription Management solution with a faster, flexible and more robust platform, one capable of catering for multiple clubs locally and abroad. Accessing, updating and maintaining data was a crucial requirement and one that was not being met by the legacy system.


The key challenges Bluleader and RDU were faced with showed that the existing legacy solution data was not easily accessible, with staff having to rely on data extractions which often took too long to generate.  Important and relevant information was frequently missing and maintaining data in the old system was cumbersome and extremely time-consuming.  Users also often had to navigate multiple screens to fulfil basic tasks.

Additionally, staff were required to frequently maintain access for Club Officials in the old system to effect changes and password resets, which became an unnecessary drain on resources and time.  In a nutshell, the old system was at ‘end of life’ – no further functional changes could be applied to upgrade or streamline this archaic solution.


Working closely with the Rotary Down Under team, Bluleader implemented and rolled out Dynamics 365 and Dynamics Portal to create a new CRM system that would transform how Rotary Down Under managed Subscriptions and Club Members

By enabling RDU’s cloud-based solution, RDU staff members could now access and update customer information at any time and from anywhere in the world.  This meant that Club Officials and Club members could now easily access and maintain their membership records via the Dynamics portal, ensuring data was real-time and the chances of financial loss through lagging subscription information was significantly reduced.  The new system allowed and enabled an easily customised and remotely supported environment as well as the ability to add new functionality with relatively short lead times.  Most importantly, Microsoft’s cloud certifications ensured the RDU system now meets relevant security requirements.

The Impact

The benefit of implementing a self-service portal meant that staff members could now easily and quickly extract subscription lists for digital and print publishers and most importantly, that all Self-service actions on the Portal could be audited, the results of which now being easily accessible by staff.

In addition, the Self-service access could be maintained by Club officials at club level, with password resets being handled automatically by Dynamics Portal functionality. On this note, functionality changes became possible – being quick and easy to apply – with relatively short turn-around times on change requests.

The Future

The future for RDU will see them being able to manage and send internal communications and information pieces using the Dynamics 365 Platform instead of having to use external publisher service providers, saving both time and money.

In addition, continuous user experience enhancements can be applied to improve the self-service experience of club officials and members and Data integrity of members information as well as financial subscriptions can be maintained and managed in-house, reducing the risk of lost revenue and protecting user and member privacy.

The Bluleader/RDU project is a fantastic success story showcasing IT partnership and collaboration at its best.  The significant benefits in terms of time and cost reduction, as well as the opportunity to deliver continuous enhancement and improvement of the self-service portal will continue to have a marked impact on the efficiency and management of the Rotary Down Under business yielding increased value to its members