SAP CRM/BCS Implementation – Medical Devices – Case Study

Project Details

Bluleader in partnership with their customer, has successfully implemented a contact centre solution using SAP’s Business Communications Manager (BCM) and SAP CRM.  This has greatly increased contact centre efficiency as well as driven improved customer service and sales opportunities.

The customer is a major supplier of leading edge medical equipment and consumables to hospitals and healthcare professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

As a privately held company, the customer is able to source and supply the most technologically advanced medical devices and support these with professional services and training.  They currently hold major service contracts with clients including many public and private hospitals, clinics and private medical practices across Australia and New Zealand.

Project Requirements

The customer has 4 main lines of business services, being – Medical Equipment Sales, Service, Clinical Support (including training) and Regulatory Affairs.  Its operations are based in New South Wales, Victoria Melbourne, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.  This customer also has distribution services in the USA and Fiji.

As at June 30 2012, the customer is the largest independent distributor and reseller of medical devices in ANZ and has realised rapid annual growth of approximately 25% per year over the last 4 years.


The implementation by Bluleader of an integrated SAP CRM/BCM platform included a replacement for the existing contact centre telephony systems and an increase of the functionality of the existing CRM IC implementation. The aim of this was to address they key risk of system scalability, data collection and provide the following benefits:

  • Significantly improve the external customer experience when communicating with internal service departments.
  • Significantly improve quality and timeliness of information and analysis on which to base key business decisions particularly in areas such as sales orders and customer service.
  • Improve productivity within the customer service department
  • Incorporate a standardised solution which would be applicable to all customer service contact points within the group
  • Enable a platform to support the customers ongoing growth and complexity
  • Provide an integrated IT system across key business processes and eradicate process inefficiencies
  • Ensure order dispatch Service Level Agreements are met.
  • Enable access to enhanced tools for real time visibility of call centre workload and the capability to immediately address workload balancing issues.
  • Provide greater management information on which to base tactical and operational decisions.
  • Provide further opportunity for extension of the functions in the implemented CRM/BCM systems to both internal and external clients in the future (in line with the overall IT strategy).
  • Allow ongoing IT system support and development from a global software provider.

Project Achievements

  • Deliver improved system delivery with minimal disruption to the business.
  • Provide a scalable platform for business growth
  • Provide a fully integrated post sales service and maintenance function leading to improved customer satisfaction through more regular and accurate communication
  • Extend and allow greater leverage of existing solutions.
  • Created a platform for growth in line with IT and Business Strategy.
  • Provide greater visibility of customer interaction history.
  • Provide real time visibility on all communication channels.
  • Enable a paperless solution for the management of all customer interactions and improve ’green’ footprint due to reduced printing.
  • Enhance staff efficiency by enabling agents to handle higher call volumes.
  • Increase hours of operations as call centres now able to divert activities across time zones and public holidays.
  • Enable higher utilisation amongst resources.
  • Allow the upskilling of staff due to skills based routing enabled in CRM
  • Improved reportable customer response times and real time queue management statistics.
  • Increase ability to provide promotional information to call centre staff for upselling and cross selling of products and services

Simply put, Bluleader lives and breathes the ‘Customer’.  Since 2007, we have leveraged the latest technologies to market, sell and service Customers within an omni-channel digital environment.